How to Use Eye Medication Correctly

There are at least three types of eye medications that are commonly used, namely antihistamine eye drops and artificial tears, eye wash liquid and eye ointment. Understanding the types of eye medications and how to use them, can help cure from eye disorders experienced. When you experience eye pain, your doctor may give you eye medicine for you to use independently. However, did you know that each type of eye drug has different functions and procedures for use? It is important to follow the instructions for use so that eye medication can work optimally. Correct use of eye drops There are eye drops that do not have medicinal properties. These eye drops are only a liquid as a substitute for tears that function to moisturize dry eyes, called artificial tears. In addition to artificial tears (artificial tears), there are several other types of eye drops, which contain certain substances, such as antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, eye decongestants, and antibiotics. Eye drops usually
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